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Showing Support to our Local Hospital

Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Kent and Queen Anne's Rescue Squad, along with the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, Kent County Office of Emergency Services, Chestertown Police Department and Kent County Sheriffs Office, teamed up to bring a box lunch to all the employees working at the University of Maryland, Shore Medical Center at Chestertown. The meals were generously donated by Molly’s of Kennedyville. We wanted to take a moment to express gratitude to our local health care providers. They work the front lines every day in the struggle to contain the invisible foe... Covid-19. As field personnel, we are not as exposed and vulnerable as those working in the hospital. They are potentially exposed to it all day, every day. Providing lunch for them is small compared to the level of admiration, respect and solidarity we all feel in our hearts for them.

A special "Thank You!" to Nick Shajwani, Chikki Shajwani, Lori Loller and Cody Bigelow of Molly's. Their generosity and huge heart went a long way towards making this token of gratitude a reality!

When we arrived to deliver the box lunches, representatives of nearly every hospital department, led by Dr. Eric Maniago (E.R. Director in Crown), Dr. Chris Parry (Urology & currently leading the effort in the parking lot Triage Tent) and Kathy Elliott, R.N. (Hospital Executive Director) turned out to greet us and express their appreciation.

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