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Call For Service - Large Scale Incident

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

On May 2nd, the KQARS was dispatched for Mutual Aid to Galena for a Large-scale Incident. The incident involved a Pick-up Truck versus a Coach Charter bus, in a rear-end style collision. This incident had 10+ Patients reported, which requires more resources than a normal call. Utility 82 and SOT 8 made the response to the scene, as well as Paramedic 81. Paramedic 82 was also requested to Standby at Kent Maryland station 3 (Galena VFC). Ambulance 8 was paramedic-staffed and remained in quarters for the duration of the incident to respond to 911 calls in the first-due service area. Utility 82 and SOT 8 remained on scene and then moved to Station 3 to assist in after-incident measures. 

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Views: 8